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With many options available for online play, we unravel all the mysteries and tell you straight up which table games or slots, sportsbook, poker, bingo and lottery is right for you. You might be a First Timer curious about the casino scene. A Social Player treating online gambling as a hobby, a form of entertainment, or as a form of relief or escape. For serious players, you might be considered as a Bonus Hunter wanting to supplement his/her income. For those wanting to risk big in exchange for the possibility of receiving large rewards, you might be considered as a High Roller. Take a look at our recommended gaming options for each player profile offering reliable payouts, great selection of games, secure banking and fantastic bonuses.


Recommended Gaming Options for Each Player Profile

First-Timer / BeginnersSocial PlayerBonus HunterHigh Roller

So you have little or no online gambling experience? Are you curious, but are afraid by the confusing rush of flashy banners and pop-ups, overloaded menus and many promotions and bonuses on offer? Ease your concerns after reviewing our Quick Startup Guide and Top Gambling Tips and Winning Strategies, providing essential information designed to give you a safe and enjoyable online playing experience.

For the relatively new player and the uninitiated, we recommend you play with NO RISK and make money with No Deposit Bonus offers. For those who have some gaming experience, you might be drawn to some attractive Welcome Bonuses.  Safe, secure and trustworthy gaming sites to try can be found in the First Timer section.

As a Social player, you gamble online as a hobby, for entertainment or as a form of escapism. Players in this segment get a rush from gambling – the thrill of the risk and the added thrill of knowing that they might win big!  MMGO recommends to take advantage of bonuses to stretch your money and enjoy a longer gaming experienceAs a recreational player, you likely are registered in a few sites and would be interested to know about their Reload Bonus offers. You might also want to try other, high quality gaming sites offering attractive Welcome Bonuses such as those found in our Social Player section.

Where can one fine the best casino bonus offerings? If this is a question you have, then perhaps you are a Casino Bonus Hunter – a category of player who makes a living from gambling to supplement his/her income. As a Bonus hunter you practice “casino whoring” where you actively search for bonus offers, especially Reload Bonuses, to make your money gambling online. The best deals and promotions available are what will attract a player like you. As a player very skilled at your games of choice, you are able to control the amount of time and money you spend gambling. MMGO recognises that bonus hunting is a key activity for you and provides updates of the latest and best bonus offers available in the Bonus Hunter section.

For those who value exclusivity, enjoy getting the VIP treatment and really winning big, the following featured sites should more than satisfy the High Roller in you. Fantastic VIP bonuses can also be had by checking the High Roller Bonus section.

How to Start Gambling Online:

1. Select a website to play

There are a number of different gambling sites where you can play. To help make your decision, we have identified reputable gaming sites based on the type of player you are – First Timer, Social Player, Bonus Hunter and High Roller. You can also search by gaming variant e.g. casino table games, slots, poker, live casino dealer, bingo or sportsbook. All the online gambling venues we list are legally licensed, offer a great selection of games, secure banking, have audited payouts and offer fantastic bonuses to play with. 

If you want to dive right in, check out some of the gaming operators recommended below. Alternatively, you can also try your luck with upcoming lottery jackpots including the US Powerball from anywhere in the world!

2. Register an account

You will need to register in order to access the games. Make your first purchase. Unless you are playing at a site offering a No Deposit Bonus, you will have to make a purchase of credits. Visit the banking section and select a suitable deposit option with the desired amount to be added to your account.

3. Collect your welcome bonus

MMGO has segmented gaming operators relevant to each player type, based largely on the number and type of bonuses offered. Each gaming operator applies their bonuses differently so be sure to read the bonuses or promotions section to find out how much you need to deposit to claim the bonus and any associated terms and conditions. There generally is a playthrough requirement which is an amount to be wagered several times before you can withdraw the winnings from the account.

4. Start gambling online.

With money in your account you are now ready to start playing. Check our Winning Tips and recommended strategies to play Blackjack, Slots or Roulette in our Resource Section.

5. Collect your winnings

When you want to cash out, you will need to go to the site’s banking section and select the Withdrawal option. Here you can enter your withdrawal details and the amount desired to be taken out. Note that depending on the option you choose, payouts typically take between 24 and 72 hours for security purposes.

If you are still hesitant, be sure to review our detailed make money gambling guide containing FAQs.

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