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Let’s face it, you win some, you lose some. However, with the right combination, including luck, skill, and helpful gambling tips, you can win more often than you lose. We have compiled a list of general gambling tips for your online play. Before you make a selection from our extensive list of reputable casinos, bingo rooms, poker rooms and sportsbooks, review these winning strategies to help you maximise and prolong your gambling experience.

1) Pick a reputable venue to gamble. Search online to find casinos, sports books, poker, and bingo operators that are reputable and have good payment histories. All sites on MMGO have been personally researched. They have proven themselves to us with fair odds, good customer service, and fast payments on cash-ins.

2) Find the best ODDs. Not all online casinos offer the same versions of blackjack. The odds can be changed dramatically by adjusting a few of the rules in the House’s favour. For example, look for the dealer to STAND on soft 17.

3) Understand how to play the game and use advised strategy techniques. There are strategy cards which advise what to do with specific hands

4) Find the best bonuses. Free money! Who can say no to that? Bonuses are a big reason why people gamble online. Online gambling venues have to provide huge bonuses to draw people in. Most offer at least 100% cash match on your initial deposit. MMGO provides the best and the latest bonuses to help stretch your money further. One caveat: some casinos offer large bonuses, but are not reputable or have poor odds. Also, most have wagering/playthrough requirements (i.e. usually a multiple of the initial deposit amount to be wagered or played through before a player may cash out their winnings) to fulfil. The actual multiple being used varies from casino to casino, and players should read them carefully to understand how a given online casino works, particularly if they are hunting for the best bonuses. An online casino’s Wagering / Playthrough Requirements are usually contained within their standard terms and conditions, so they should be easy to find.

Although many pundits may say bonus hunting (or casino whoring as some call it) is not worth it as wagering requirements are high, it IS POSSIBLE to make money this way if you use the right strategies (e.g. playing games offering better odds, seeking fantastic welcome bonuses, finding low playthrough requirements, using correct playing strategies, etc.). 

5) Limit your losses. Limit your losses to your initial deposit to be eligible for the bonus in the first place. If you lose your deposit, the it is time to move on to a new gambling venue. This will maximise your overall wins by getting more introductory cash bonuses.

6) Cash-in your winnings. Know how to take a profit. Play until you have fulfilled the wagering / playthrough requirements for the bonus. We recommend playing slightly over the wager requirements to avoid being labeled as and “advantage” player by the casino. If you are ahead after this, withdraw your money once you have doubled your initial deposit (not including the bonus) by cashing in only two-thirds of your money. Leave the rest to attempt to win more. Continue to cash-in half your money every time you double after that. Once you have no money left to play, take your winnings and look for another venue to enjoy another bonus offering.

7) Wager SMALL until wagering requirements are met. You are able to increase your odds of fulfilling the wagering requirements by placing small bets initially. Make sure to check that table games like blackjack count towards the wager requirements as players have a better advantage to win when playing with the right strategy.

8) Know your banking options. Seek offers from sites where an extra percentage (e.g. 10%-15%) for deposits are given by using online banking options like Neteller. This will help increase your odds of making money gambling even more.

9) Try Live Casino Games. Unlike online casinos, live casinos allows players to experience realtime gambling. You can see dealers roll the dice, spin the wheel and deal out cards. With variant of online gambling, players can employ a number of methods to make money including card counting and shuffle tracking.

10) Know basic strategy. Take time out to learn the rules of a game before you being playing. Check out MMGO’s Resource section containing blackjack winning strategies, roulette tips, and slot playing strategies.

With the knowledge to gamble intelligently, check out the various bonus offers for all player types on MMGO and make a difference – the difference between winning and losing. Remember to have fun and play safe.

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