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Australians refer to them as Online Pokies. The Brits term them Online Fruit Machines. The Americans call them Online Slots. Whatever you call them, they all relate to the same thing – slot machines. Due to its high payouts and variety, slots machine games are the most popular and most commonly played casino game in the world.

Although very popular, there is no sure way of winning online slot games. They are completely random games and there is nothing you can do to affect the outcome. In casino games like poker or blackjack you use skill and strategy to make the odds work to your advantage and win, but in online slot games there is no element of skill whatsoever. Although there is no method to beat slots, below are some online strategy tips that WILL help you win more regularly at online slot games and possibly experience the thrill of a big win.

1) Look for the highest payout percentages. The best strategy tip anyone can give you is to look for a reputable casino offering games with the highest payout percentages. Look for 95% or more, anything less is not worth your time or money. Also check out every aspect of the casino’s offer, not just the selection of games, but minimum withdrawal amount as well.

2) Build up you bankroll. You have to build up the bankroll to keep your betting higher and higher. It might seem boring and tedious, but you’ll come to love this strategy when you find out its secrets. To build your bankroll, bet on the minimum, and keep going until it is t nicely built. Afterwards, when you want to, increase your bet, but still keep your bankroll at a reasonable amount. Eventually, your bankroll will be big enough to make risky bets that aren’t so risky.

3) Look for bonuses. These bonuses offer you free money that you can use to wager on the slots. With a small deposit you can earn twice as much with the help of an online slots bonus.

4) Look for bonus games. Most online slot machines have bonus games which increase the excitement and your winnings. These bonus features consist of special points and free spins while playing the game.

5) Know your playing style. 

  • If you are playing just for fun and don’t want to risk a lot of money, you should bet small amounts and avoid Progressive Jackpots since these require a maximum bet to be placed.
  • If you are a serious player, ensure you bet the maximum on machines to activate all paylines.
  • If you dream of winning the “big one”, place maximum bets and go for the Progressive Jackpots, especially the extremely high ones. With the extremely high progressive jackpots, the house advantage disappears and it is time to payout.

6) Avoid games with low progressive jackpots. Simply put, the machine is considered to be either hot or cold by the jackpot size. If the jackpot is low, you should avoid the machine as the odds are that someone recently hit a jackpot and that machine will stay cold for a while. On the other hand with a high jackpot, the “break-even” point has been reached and it is time for the slot machine to pay out.

7) Set your goal and cash out when you achieve it. Quit as soon as you reached an objective set for playing slots. The most important thing here is to set a realistic goal, meaning that you can decide to quit when you have increased your starting bankroll by 25%. This is one of the crucial slots strategy tips since disregarding it is likely to see you lose your winnings as well as a part of your starting bankroll.

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