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First thing you need to understand is this – Roulette is a game of chance. You cannot predict where the ball will land, thanks to technology and the Random Number Generator (RNG). But, you can bet in such a way that you win more and lose less by following some simple strategies.

To start your journey to Roulette success, the first thing you should do is play European or French Roulette. Why? Because European Roulette carries a house edge of 2.7%. Do not play American Roulette. Why? Because American Roulette carries a house edge of 5.26%. See the drastic difference? While it may seem like only a 2% difference, it makes a huge difference on the betting table.

Another important strategy is choosing the ‘Surrender’ rule. This option in Roulette will allow you to take back half of your bet placed on an even bet (e.g. high/low, red/black, odd/even) in the event the ball lands on 0 or 00.

Use the En Prison rule whenever possible. It allows you to save the bet for one more spin in the event the ball lands on 0. What does that mean? Well, if you placed a bet and the ball landed on 0, the bet will be kept for one more spin. If that bet wins on the second try, you will get your money back. If that bet loses on the second try, well, then you lose your bet.

Stay away from Single Number bets. The payoffs of 35:1 are very attractive but hardly ever hit on the Roulette table. In fact, most of the times, these bets are losers.

Roulette is no longer considered such a lucrative game for players but you can make a decent profit playing roulette online as long as you practice proper money management. Bet in small denominations so that you don’t risk too much money at once, be patient, and have fun playing.

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