Play Spanish Summer Raffle (Loteria Nacional Extra) for €140,000,000 Prize Fund

This weekend, €140,000,000 will be drawn for the Loteria Nacional Extra. Ticket sales for this lucrative raffle close July 3rd – so make sure you get your tickets ASAP to avoid missing out! You don’t have to travel to Spain to participate in one of the summer’s biggest draws! Here is what you need to know about this spectacular summer raffle:

  • €140 million in prizes
  • 10 guaranteed jackpot purses of €2 million each
  • 378,000 individual prizes – an impressive 1-in-3 odds of winning a prize

If this excites you, how about the following top jackpots to participate in:

Italy’s SuperEna Max (Jul 2) worth €107,000,000

US Powerball (Jul 2) worth $90,000,000

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Can you really buy lottery tickets online?

People are often sceptical about buying lottery tickets online, as they should be. You will be comforted by the fact that MMGO’s Lottery sponsor has over 15 years of experience serving this industry. MMGO only promotes secure, safe and trustworthy sites.

Were there any big winners from online purchases?

Millions of dollars have been won by the online community.  In fact, one of our Sponsor’s players won €100,000 in the Loteria Nacional Extra Spanish raffle held February 2014. With his winnings, Mr. Raja C. from the United Arab Emirates donated a portion of his prize to the Sri matha Cancer Care Trust based in India. He was 1 of 22 lucky winners who shared in over €2 million in prize money from MMGO’s lottery sponsor. Winners came from a wide array of countries including: Namibia, Russia, Mauritius, Estonia, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Germany, UAE, Martinique, South Africa, Hungary, Poland, UK, Qatar and Moldova.

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