Losing “bites” – Except in the case of Luis Suarez and Online Betting

Indeed, over 150 people across Europe placed a bet that Luis Suarez of Uruguay’s national football squad would literally bite an opponent. Yes, you heard it right – BITE. Bookies were taking bets on whether Suarez would continue his practice of biting opponents at the World Cup; and for many punters, this was viewed as a safe bet as he has twice before been disciplined for this action.

The biggest win went to a Norwegian punter who amassed €2000 ($2700) after Suarez allegedly bit Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini’s left shoulder.

Another strange bet popular with punters relates to beach balls. Football fans love bringing beach balls to bounce around the crowd as they are easy to smuggle past security. The actual bet requires the beach ball to interfere with the match in progress. Already €13,000 have been paid out to 82 punters according to Bettson.

If you want to see what kind of bets you can make, check out a few bookmakers. You are already a winner if you take advantage of sports betting bonus offers ranging from free money to “no-loss bets”.

Source: Associated Press 

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